Green Valley Herbs is a leading Egyptian company specialized in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of Dried Herbs , Spices , Seeds , Herbal Tea and Dehydrated Vegetables , all over the world.
We have our own farms , providing to our customers Natural high quality products
Green Valley Herbs was established in 1990 as a pioneer in building a direct bond between producing and exporting using the accumulation of experiences across generations in herbs cultivation.
We are confident in our ability to build a trusted long-term partnership based on integrity.
Our main aim is our customers satisfaction and to keep our customers apprised about the markets so that they are able to take informed decisions on covering their requirements

Providing unsurpassed quality and that took dedication to this artisan craft
Providing partnership commitment between us and our esteemed customers for maintaining our both sustainability
Providing excellent services beyond customers' expectations and total satisfaction to meet our customers' demands
We shall be on a continuous basis strive hard always to meet and exceed the customer's expectations at fair and reasonable prices.

Bring to the world Natural , Organic and Eco-friendly Products.